What types of omega-3 fatty acids are in seal oil?

Dear EC,

Seal oil contains approximately 8-9% by weight of the total fat as EPA and approximately 10-11% as DHA. This combined content of DHA/EPA of approximately 20% by weight (approximately 200 mg/g of oil) is similar to some natural fish oils and more or less than others. Interestingly, seal oil contains a third long-chain omega-3 fatty acid known as DPA (docosapentaenoic acid). DPA represents approximately 5% by weight of the total seal oil. Such levels are generally higher than almost all fish oils. Studies are critically needed with DPA concentrates (containing little or no DHA/EPA) to determine the potential cardiovascular benefits for DPA alone. If such studies should prove to support the efficacy of DPA, a considerable surge in interest in seal oil containing DPA in addition to DHA/EPA could result. However, no such controlled clinical trials using a DPA concentrate have been reported to date in the evidence-based literature.

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