What is a recommended dose of omega-3 to eliminate belly fat?

Dear EV,

Amongst the various studies conducted to determine the potential effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on body fat in general, no consistent beneficial effect of omega-3 supplementation as DHA/EPA using varying doses has been revealed. A recent study form Australia by Dr. Allison Hill and colleagues (Am. J . Clin. Nutr., 85:1267-1274 (2007)) found a moderate reduction (by 1.6 kg or the equivalent of a 4% reduction) in body fat mass when overweight/obese subject received 1920 mg/day of DHA/EPA (combined) over a 12 week period in addition to a regular aerobic exercise program. Other studies have shown significant beneficial affects on various risk factors for cardiovascular disease in obese subjects consuming higher intakes of DHA/EPA omega-3 from fatty fish or supplements in the absence of any significant loss in body fat.

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