I'm interested in supplementing my diet with DHA and EPA but I am allergic to fish oil capsules since they cause an immediate bout of psoriasis. Are there any commercially-available fish oils that I can take?

Dear DJ,

This website cannot give medical advice to specific personal health conditions such as yours. It can be pointed out that many people with allergies to fish or shellfish are able to consume DHA/EPA in supplemental form using a high quality supplement which is devoid of the protein/peptide components in fish/shellfish which are responsible for their allergic response. However, one needs to discuss this topic with one's physician or allergist since there are wide variations across individual cases. If you do have a true allergy to fish oil capsules, the allergy would be to either the oil itself of the material used in the encapsulation although such would be considered rare. There are no evidence-based clinical trials to specifically attribute any such allergic responses as you describe to the varying levels of lipid peroxides found within certain fish oil preparations. This website cannot give specific suggestions on commercially available fish oil products since such advice falls outside our mandate.

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