How much DHA/EPA should I take if I am suspected of having multiple sclerosis?

Dear SM,

On our homepage, you can click onto 'DHA/EPA and Health Conditions' and access our brief outline on published evidence-based research dealing with omega-3 fatty acids and multiple sclerosis. The studies thus far are rather limited in number and more research is certainly needed in this important area. With any medical condition, one is advised to consult with their doctor/physician and discuss the potential use of various supplements. The level of DHA/EPA (combined) used in the study by Nordvik et al. (2000) is similar to the intakes consumed by large numbers of people in the Japanese population-albeit much higher than the average daily intakes in North America (approximately 100-150 mg/day). The existing medical literature does not provide sufficient information such that a recommended intake of an omega-3 supplement can be expected to prevent subsequent attacks.

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