Does DHA/EPA help eczema (contact dermatitis)?

Dear LJ,

There are no evidence-based clinical trials in peer-reviewed medical/nutritional journals to indicate that 6000 of EPA omega-3 supplements per day may help in eczema (also referred to as ‘contact dermatitis’). An early study by Bjorneboe et al. (J. Intern. Med. Suppl., 731:233-236 (1989)) observed that daily supplementation with a fish oil providing 1800 mg EPA per day over a 12 week period did appear to provide some moderate benefit with respect to itch, scale, and overall subjective severity as compared to those subjects not receiving such omega-3 supplementation. However, it is not possible to provide objective published medical support for the potential efficacy of such supplementation in eczema at the present time due to the paucity of information available. It can be pointed out that intakes of 1800 mg of EPA per day does not surpass the upper level of apparent safe intake (via the FDA in the U.S.) of DHA/EPA (combined) for the general healthy population of 3000 mg/day.

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