Can you overdose on DHA and EPA?

Dear JT,

In general, various health agencies and professional groups have advised that increased intakes of DHA/EPA (combined) at levels of 500, 600, or even 1000 mg per day may improve overall human health and reduce mortality related to coronary heart disease. In the case of the American Heart Association, they have recommended 900 mg and or 1 g of DHA/EPA (combined) per day for individuals with coronary heart disease. The Food and Drug Administration in the US have indicated that up to 3000 mg of DHA/EPA per day from all sources (diet + supplements) is generally considered safe for most adults. Of course, those individuals with specific health problems and medications should consult with their doctor or clinician for any potential interactions; in most cases, such interactions with moderate intakes of DHA/EPA will most likely be considered non-problematic. It is noteworthy that large sectors of the Japanese population have consumed daily intakes of approximately 700-1200 mg of DHA/EPA daily for decades.

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