Can omega 3's help eliminate the atrial fibrillation and if so at what dosage?

Dear ML,

The American Heart Association has recommended intakes of 900mg or 1g per day of DHA/EPA (combined) for those known to have coronary hearth disease. The GISSI study from Italy showed a 45% reduction in sudden cardiac deaths on follow-up in patients after their heart attack as compared to corresponding patients who did not receive such omega-3 supplementation. An anti-arrhythmic effect of these omega-3 fatty acids is considered to be one of the many mechanisms by which DHA/EPA supplementation may elicit its apparent cardiac benefits. However, some inconsistencies in outcomes (benefits vs. risks) have been observed in the few clinical trials conducted so far in patients having implanted defibrillators. Thus, consultation with your cardiologist and medical team is advocated for patients with specific medical issues when considering supplementation with DHA.EPA. Dr. Mozaffarian and colleagues have reported (Circ., 110:368-373 (2004)) a lower incidence of AF (atrial fibrillation) in elderly adults consuming more fish containing DHA/EPA.

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